003 – Small Unit Leadership

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Team: 5Paragraph.com

Event type: 5P Podcast

Coordinator: Michael J. Penney

Task organization: SOLO Talk



Problem: Small unit leaders with a small scope. Working in an extremely important area of responsibility.

Friendlys:Executives who know how to interview subjects in order to get the best answers.

Mission: Interviewing subjects to determine their strengths and fit in the organization, which will hopefully uplift the overall culture. Leaders need to be asking the right questions of there interview subjects in order to surround themselves with the best people.


Commander’s Intent: Hire professionals who “bring up” your organization.

Scheme of Maneuver: Two Major hiring oines of question;

  1. What has been your highest leadership role; in what company - reference?
  2. What is your highest certified ability to instruct; in what discipline - reference?

Coordinating instructions:

Small unit leaders are…

  • Critical Thinkers
  • Rebellious but not malicious
  • Take initiative and responsibility

Desired endstate:  Quality leadership throughout the ranks of your organization.

Admin / Logistics - Sustainability

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