"Courageous Hope For Hurting People" Randy Mortensen

Are you, or someone you know, struggling with addiction and/or alcoholism?

Are you, or someone you know, struggling with a person who is addicted to substances?


Randy Mortensen guides talented individuals whose drive has led them toward destructive behaviors. He facilitates an 8-week cohort, guiding members toward True Significance: Success AND Sustainable Living.

You can have both.

You are a talented individual who is hungry for success, but the cost of that success is now taking a toll. You long for a healthier path for your driven personality. Get connected right now at... http://randymortensen.com/

This is an episode of the 5Paragraph podcast.

The "5Paragraph Management Method" is based on the United States military's 240+ year old operational planning concepts.

The VALUE of "5P" is its simplicity.

Join the "5P Inner Circle" now & learn how to construct a business plan, in military operations order format, assign & delegate tasks, and gather feedback through debriefs to tighten up your next plan.

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5Paragraph Founder & Podcast Host, Michael J. Penney is a Marine combat veteran, entrepreneur, author, inventor, and professional speaker.


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