Introduction To 5P Podcast



Event type: 5P Podcast

Coordinator: Michael J. Penney

Task organization: SOLO Talk


Problem: Small to medium sized business leaders need an outlet to receive basic business advice.

Friendlys: working with Heroes Media Group, McPherson Marketing group.

Mission: provides a podcast outlet for conservative business leaders with a small business capitalist focus, in order to provide support to fellow business leaders.


Commander’s Intent: Grow a community of business leaders operating on the age old 5 Paragraph method. Work together to build a stronger American business community.

Scheme of Maneuver: Weekly podcast episodes with increasing frequency based on demand.

Coordinating instructions: New episodes every Monday

- Interviews with business leaders

- Highlighting business leaders

- 5 Paragraph format on every episode

* CALL to ACTION fellow business leaders on every episode

Desired endstate: 1 Million+ listeners on a regular basis; 6-12 months

Admin / Logistics - Sustainability

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Additional personnel: 5P Advisors – Schedule a call 

Command / Signal   919-827-0898 - Your Business Quick Reaction Force

5P Podcast is a mission briefing. Each episode discusses a organizational related topic in 5 Paragraph format. Guests provide a mission briefing for their organization and a call to action for how you can help. 5P is a growing community of business leaders using the 5 Paragraph Business Plan to coordinate and execute business operations.

Get started with the 5 Paragraph Business Plan  Read and fill in the text as you go.

Tutorial episodes match each section of the book to help you along the way.

Contact our advisors to get an assessment free of charge.

Our goal is to help you get started using the 5P method and see how simple it is to get everything organized.

We work with your organization to assess, train, advise and assist your team in organizational management and long term growth. Our focus is on cultivating small unit leadership.

5 Paragraph Business Plan combines proven business and military planning concepts into a powerful tool that's simple and easy to use.

Our goal is to empower you and your team.

Get started right now with 5 Paragraph Business Plan.


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