Marine for Life Southeast Region Network Coordinator - Mark Munger

On this episode of the podcast, Marine For Life Southeast Regional Network Coordinator, Mark Munger joins Michael J. Penney

The Marine For Life Network offers Marines and family members connections to military-friendly employment, education, and other Veteran and community resources. To connect with our LinkedIn network please visit us on

Mark Munger is Marine for Life Southeast Region Network Coordinator. Following 25 years of service in the Marine Corps, he has dedicated himself to empowering the decision making capabilities of active duty service members and their families as they prepare for transition back to the civilian sector.

Mark is a musician, currently he is the principle trombonist for the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra. He has also been a member of the Albany Symphony Orchestra.

5P Founder Michael J. Penney is a Marine combat veteran, entrepreneur, author, inventor, and professional speaker.

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