Chivalry - The Greatest Leadership Traits

 "The Necessity of Chivalry by C.S. Lewis Doodle" (CSLewisDoodle Published on Sep 8, 2016;Youtube)

The talk "The Necessity of Chivalry" by C.S. Lewis describes the need for chivalry as an act of sustaining humanity. A revival of chivalry is needed in modern day.

Chivalry, the chivalric code; an informal code of conduct for the ideal knight. It calls for the individual to be tender of heart while violent in arms. Chivalry is a great discipline, which requires a lifelong pursuit of mastery. 

Chivalrous acts by leaders of virtue are needed in times of ordeal and prosperity in order to progress the valuable nature of a people. 

The strength of a people depends on the strength of their leaders. Organizations with a stable culture built through virtue have a better time weathering the worst of troubles. On the contrary those organizations with a bully culture employ cowardly people, which leads to the crumbling of the organization. 

At, we aim to develop a culture of chivalry through our Advisors.

Those virtuous few whom poses the ability to go and carry out the work of our organization while adhering to a code of honor greater than themselves. That is what should be expected of the ideal advisor, especially when we are working to better develop your leaders.

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