Franchising With 5 Paragraph

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Franchising is not as easy as it may seem. Sure, you get a set of operational conditions to work with, but it takes entrepreneurial spirit to make it a success.

Remember, starting a business doesn’t mean you automatically start making money. Every bootstrapped company has small origins. They don’t really know what they are doing.

The operation of things is a truly difficult hurdle to jump over when you are starting from scratch. It involves taking more steps. More often than not, startup entrepreneurs spend a lot of time just trying to figure out “the right things to do” to make money. Franchisees don’t have that problem.

They know how to make money. They’re seeing other owners making money. However, making money doesn’t mean you understand business.

It’s pretty surprising how many franchise packages are available that do not provide new owners with a business plan for running the actual business. The onerous falls on the new owner to create a plan and execute on that vision.

That’s where 5 Paragraph comes in. We become part of the franchise package opportunity offered to new owners. Each new unit is stood up and ran using 5 Paragraph Business Plan.

This allows headquarters to create a vision for the entire organization to work off of, then brief that vision to owners who use the information to create their own 5 Paragraph plan. Same template, same terminology, same goals. The entire organization may adapt using the same method: 5 Paragraph.

But won’t everyone have the same plan? NO - 5 Paragraph Business Plan is a “skeleton waiting to be fleshed out”. 5 Paragraph is an intuitive method for asking the right questions at the right stage in the plan. When it’s briefed to the team, it is one clear intuitive vision.

Each stage of the plan progresses to the next in a simple, methodical way so everyone understands what to do. Bear in mind we are taught this in the military at the very earliest stages of our careers (e.g. I learned it when I was 18). This is how humans process and plan in the best way. Military service members are masters of planning and executing missions. This method for adapting to fluid situations as small unit teams has been refined for over 240 years.

Simply put, 5 Paragraph empowers franchise owners with the tools, the skills, the knowledge, and the attitude needed to succeed.

It allows franchisors to spend more time working on perfecting operations and quality while offering unit owners a “business consulting resource” to go to. 5 Paragraph prides ourselves on NOT being consultants. We are advisors. We empower your team and work with them to run things on their own. We do not want to become attached at the hip. Our goal is to empower your leaders for the long term.

Each new unit owner receives 5 Paragraph training and certification as well as 12 months of on-call support.

We are military veterans and civilian business leaders who’ve combined our knowledge, experience and talents into a cohesive team ready to empower your leaders through the use of 5 Paragraph Business Plan.



click here get 5P template

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