Getting People To Take Action

Give people the license to be able to fail. Provide them with your vision. Tell them what needs to be done, NOT how to do it. You hired your team of experts to do their job. So how do you get them to commit action? Ask them for their plan. 
When you hire someone, provide them with your vision for what you want to have happen then require them to lay out a plan for how they are going to accomplish it. 
This is how we lead in the military. We don't tell people, "go do that, ok, now go do this." We brief them on what needs to happen. They plan for how they are going to accomplish the task then back brief us on how they are going to do it. 
Does it require having a perfect plan ? NO
Get about 80% sure then GO FOR IT. This is EXACTLY how I planned for operations in the military because sitting around all day thinking through the perfect plan would be a gigantic waste of time. 
You hired the right people and put them in power so they can make moves, not sit around thinking about the "right stuff" to do. 
This is why we say, "5 Paragraph Business Plan" is the ONLY business plan for running daily operations. It doesn't require being perfect. You just have to get the major details down on paper, and briefed to your team, so everyone has an understanding of what lies ahead. 
5p vision
Everyone in your organization will benefit from using the 5 Paragraph Business Plan method.
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