Great Leaders Focus On The Nouns

People, places, things that create mission success. As a leader it is imperative that you surround yourself with great people while providing them with the best places to work and the things they need to accomplish the mission of the greater organization.  

1) People: Find close-hearted people who will add value to your organization with their specific expertise. Close-hearted people share a love for the same songs, poems, art. They share the same principles of life. They are different minded, meaning they have different specialties that add unique value to the team.

2) Places: Work environment matters. Putting people in cramped dingy digs will make them hate you. Unless there is strong justification for substandard quarters, such as startups with limited capital, leaders should always be working to improve the work environment they are asking people to live in. Improve the work environment in order to produce a quality output.

3) Things: Making the right materials and assets available to your team. Inform your leaders what assets are available and how they can call upon those assets when the time comes. This may include technology, gear, apparel, marketing & sales materials, and a whole host of other stuff that is necessary to accomplish the mission.

Here is your challenge: Find people who are capable of working in any environment and know how to do more with less. We’re here to help you lead them.

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