Growth of The Nation

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We’re experiencing some of the largest quarter-over-quarter growth America has seen since before we all needed to sell our houses, back in ‘08. The data of decades past tells us, during an upswing in economic power, invest capital and expand operations.

Thankfully, with the recent sweeping tax reforms, doing business in America has become a heck of a lot easier. Small businesses are starting to get an edge against larger competitors who’ve been over dominating markets in monopolistic ways.

Large “tech companies” have taken a serious turn for the worse. Not to say all tech is hurting. However, it is clear that the skilled labor industries are ramping up. Seeing the Granite City steel workers go back to work was an awe inspiring moment. “WE’RE BACK.”.  Damn straight we are.

The jobs in middle America are opening up. Leaders in various fields are needed to hire great people and keep those teams rolling. We’re assisting those leaders every step of the way. During an expansion, top leadership puts together a vision outlining goals, milestones, and a manifest for the personnel needed in order to accomplish the mission. Personnel are promoted and put into hiring positions with criteria for bringing in new talent; ideally.

We work with top leadership to build and develop the vision into a 5 Paragraph plan. Given the scenario, we apply our network of assets to combine and get the job done. 5 Paragraph is focused on business development. We focus our efforts on the planning and execution of large scale problems. We work with organizations to construct systems for tackling problems. Our team has the ability to build hiring procedures, human resource materials and manuals. We role play with leaders to find the best interviewing procedures, and work with employers on employee retention methods. Mainly focusing on how to mature and mentor leaders while incentivizing the greater team to persevere.

In short, we reduce costs, increase margins, and retain employees for the long-term. Exactly what you need during an expansion.

It’s not difficult…..

I am currently working with Mike on a growth and expansion initiative that we are embarking on. I have found that the 5 Paragraph Business Plan is a perfect fit for our needs. Mike does an incredible job of taking his military experience and translating it into the civilian/corporate world. Mike is a strategist and he has helped us craft and create a culture of accountability that I've never seen before. Whether you are an entrepreneur who is just getting started or are in management and are trying to make something great, even better, I would highly recommend putting Mike to work for your business needs.”

- Gabe Roco Dir. of Business Development @ Medical Mutual


click here get 5P template

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