Healthcare Administration - Using 5 Paragraph Business Plan To Achieve Magnet Status

Things were crazy at 5P near the end of 2018. We had a workshop at Mid-Michigan Health, that went very well. They are working hard to provide the highest quality care to Michigan communities, and doing an excellent job. Mid-December we wrapped up our day long workshop. It was a solid bit of work going from executive planning to implementation. The folks up in Michigan are in good hands with those leaders. 

Here is how we helped Mid-Michigan Health using 5 Paragraph Business Plan.

Throughout the entire system, Mid-Michigan has strategically placed key metrics of performance for all to see. They do a great job highlighting the metrics, which are effecting their performance overall. These metrics indicate needs to be met by the healthcare system if they are going to achieve magnet status. 

Magnet status is the most prestigious distinction a health care organization can receive for nursing excellence and quality patient outcomes - American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

To achieve magnet status a healthcare system needs to prove the level of care they provide meets or exceeds the standard for credentialing. That's where 5 Paragraph Business Plan comes in.

We helped organize the action plan for Mid-Michigan Health, which identified the needs of the system. We toured their flagship hospital, gathered intelligence and data, and tailored our "Empowering Intrapreneurial Leaders" workshop to suit their needs. We then worked with C-Suite executive leadership to produce a 5 Paragraph plan that was briefed to the senior leadership at Mid-Michigan Health. 

On December 14, 2018 we presented our day long workshop. Six hours of informal lecture, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning all resulted in the practical application of the "5 Paragraph Business Plan" and accountability throughout their organization. Executives, department heads, managers, and supervisors were all in attendance. This open transparency in learning and planning has resulted in serious forward momentum.

Executive leadership developed a vision for success and delegated the various tasks to subordinate leaders who draw elements from the executive vision to construct their own plans; just like how we do it in the military.

Learn more about how to "Create Your 5 Paragraph Business Plan" based on your executive leader's vision with our online learning.

Going from executive planning to implementation took some effort but it was time well spent to maintain accountability at Mid-Michigan Heath. We look forward to the opportunity to present our next workshop with them where we'll cover "Briefing, Debriefing, After Action Reporting".

Interested in learning more about how 5 Paragraph Business Plan can help with your organization?

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Scroll through the images to learn more about our experience working with Mid-Michigan Health. We started by conducting an onsite assessment. We viewed their tools and spoke with their people to tailor a workshop that best fit their needs. 

"Journey of Excellence"

Mid-Michigan Health is a proud member of 

University of Michigan Health System

journey of excellence university of Michigan healthcare board midmichigan

"Journey of Excellence" influences the individual unit's huddle board.

striving for excellence midmichigan

"Neuro Trauma Team"

Doing an outstanding job to highlight the happenings on their unit

huddle board midmichigan

 "Surgical Intensive Care Unit"

A strong, goal oriented, huddle board

sicu huddle board midmichigan

"5 Paragraph Business Plan"

Executive Summary

We worked together with executive leadership to create a vision for success

executive summary

"Empowering Intrapreneurial Leaders"

We teach to the text, which helps keep the whole group moving along.

drawing from highers plan midmichigan healthcare 5 paragraph business plan

We feel comfortable in auditorium-style education settings.

midmichigan healthcare 5 paragraph business plan workshop

Our goal is to help you construct your own executive vision. We train large groups how to implement the "5 Paragraph Business Plan" to carry out the overall executive vision. 


midmichigan healthcare drawing from highers plan

empowering intrapreneurial leaders workshop 5 paragraph business plan

It's all about empowering your leaders with the tools they need to achieve success. We work with C-Suite executives down to the boots on the ground to ensure your organization is working proficiently. You should have confidence delegating your authority while maintaining overall accountability. 

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