How To Become A Creative Genius...Again

Carl Nordgren authored "Becoming A Creative Genius {again}" to share his findings of how education may actually be stunting the creative process. Carl being a professor of Entrepreneurship at Duke University, had plenty of young talented students willing to participate in exercises that tested their creative capacity. He found the more education an individual subject had, the less creative they were. 
In an other study, before Carl's, a team was asked to determine the creative genius of NASA astronauts. Dr George Land and Beth Jarman developed a specialized test that effectively measures the creative potential of an individual. Their test results were extremely accurate, so they began wondering if they could administer the test to children. It's surely simple enough. All one must do is solve the basic problem with a creative solution. When Dr. Land, and Jarman tested a group of 1600 children they were amazed. 98% of 5 year olds tested as creative genius. Fast forward to age 31, only 2% retained their creative genius.
Does this mean we are all doomed to never be creative genius' again?  Thankfully, no. In Carl Nordgren's book, "Becoming a Creative Genius {again}" makes the case that we are all born creative and entrepreneurial geniuses, then shows you how to become the most creatively entrepreneurial version of yourself you can be. And is there a part of your life that won’t improve when that happens? Those attending Nordgren’s workshops comment that his content prepares them to get the most out of: Agile software development, Design thinking, Lean start-up methodology, and Corporate innovation processes. Nordgren’s content, organized as The Generative Way matrix, will improve your ability to get the most out of these tools as you grow your creative capacity and develop your entrepreneurial instincts. Tom Triumph, CEO of Orbital Environments says that “Becoming a Creative Genius {Again}” is important. It reminds us of the inherent ability each of us had as children to imagine, play and create. More importantly, it provides numerous lessons and exercises to help us rediscover and rekindle those likely now underutilized characteristics. In today’s dynamic world, our creativity is critical to thriving and contributing. Read this book and rediscover your creative genius {again}.

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