Intrapreneurs Innovate Within Large Organizations

(“Can you innovate within large organizations? | Joshua Mitro Lavra | TEDxPSU” -  TEDx Talks Published on Apr 4, 2016)

Creativity is a relatively new term. However, the idea of creative innovation is not a novel or new concept. In modern industry, it pays to know what creative innovators are capable of. 

Slow moving organizations, that stay in their 'comfort zones', are doomed to fail. They think they know their customers and what they want. Look at Blockbuster and Kodak. 

Innovative organizations disrupt slower organizations. 

Creative & agile strike an equilibrium where organizations know how to maintain stable innovation. It requires harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit inside of the organization. 

Intrapreneurship: behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization; innovating from within.

Intrapreneurship encourages people to innovate even though they are part of something much larger than themselves. Innovating to grow the organization.

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Who spots intrapreneurs?

Executives who are focusing on the nouns... 




Put the right people together in the right place and provide them with the right things needed to innovate toward the future. Sounds easy enough

Revolutionary / evolutionary ideas are difficult to take on. They effect large change and require people with vision to execute a plan that results in a value for all.

One way to approach innovation is by the lean model, which is used internally to work through a specific project > "Building, measuring, learning."

The idea progresses from the mind onto the dry erase board, turning into a tangible vision. This becomes something that may be presented to others for feedback.

Through iteration, the idea develops into a physical version, and eventually a product. 

Executives cultivate intrapreneurial leaders who work with teams to successfully develop new ideas into sell-able products.

How does an intrapreneur get started developing an idea into a sell-able innovation?  "5 Paragraph Business Plan".

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