Managing The Chaos Doesn't Need To Be Difficult

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Managing the chaos of modern business does not need to be difficult. The truth is all you need is a "square one" to start with. Many of us were never given a starting point to handle all situations. Many functions of business are based on programmed protocols that require the individual to take certain steps in order to attain the desired outcome. However, in the fluid environments of modern knowledge work, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage through protocol. Knowledge work requires critical thinkers working in the "right" areas in order to solve really big problems.

In the example of insurance providers brokering through nationwide firms. The challenge is how to manage all aspects of the brokerage while maintaining positive relationships with the sales & marketing personnel in various regions around the U.S.. 5 Paragraph was called in to help organize a strategy for expanding operations from 7 states to 23. We were able to turn a market focus of $270MM into $1.3BB just by organizing a strategy for action.

All it takes it's a simple assessment to determine the right steps. 5 Paragraph Business Plan offers the starting point for moving towards action. We've combined the military operations order with proven business management practices into a simple to use text for managing any business.

5 Paragraph works with any sized organization. It's the simplest, most intuitive, planning/management method known to mankind. We've been using it in the military for over 240 years, and now it's available to everyone.

Schedule your free assessment. See what 5P can do for you. 

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