METT-TSL || 5 Paragraph Business Plan

Follow along as Michael J. Penney walks through METT-TSL Pg. 38-40    in the 5 Paragraph Business Plan The Action Oriented Business Management Tool For Leaders. 


This video highlights:

Mission: Statement & Directives

Enemy: Problem / Opportunity The need people have for a solution.

Team & Support: Internal personnel / Fellow organizations working toward the same goal. 
Terrain & Weather: Geographic location / Seasonal effects - Each location has it's own unique challenges. Finding the right location is paramount when choosing how your organization will operate. You get to choose what you have to put up with. 
Time: Building a timeline until you begin operating. There are three types of timelines found inside the business plan; Actionable, Priority, Routine.
Space: Building out the location for business operations.
Logistics: Keeping operations running smoothly. Providing for teams in the field.
METT-TSL is found at the beginning and end of the 5 Paragraph Business Plan book. This is intentionally done to draw key information out of the reader and down onto the page, both at the beginning and of the book. The reader will see key details in the final METT-TSL that were not seen in the start. 
METT-TSL is what the visionary starts with when explaining themselves to senior leadership and team members. The same template is carried across from one 5 Paragraph Plan to another.
Each subordinate leader creates their own 5 Paragraph Business Plan starting with the METT-TSL of their senior leadership, and the briefing their leader provides. Key elements out of the senior leaders plan will be inside each subordinate leaders plan, and so on down the chain of command. 
This very simple method is how the military makes sense of all the chaos that is happening while operating as different elements with different missions, all working toward one collective goal. 
Here's how the METT-TSL flows from one plan to another. It's explained in the book and we work with your teams as Advisors to ensure everyone knows how to carry down the mission. Just like how we did it in the military.... 
METT-TSL flowchart

(Pg. 42 5 Paragraph Business Plan The Action Oriented Business Management Tool For Leaders)


Workbook + Tutorials
Based on the United States military’s 240 year old operational planning concepts, which have been refined through actions on the battlefield.

The VALUE of the “5 Paragraph Business Plan” is in its simplicity. It is the action-oriented, situationally-flexible, approach to conducting business management between executive leadership, operational leadership, and key leaders in the field.

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Curi - A Medical Mutal
Insurance Company

"5 Paragraph Business Plan is a perfect fit for our needs. Whether you are an entrepreneur who is just getting started or are in management and are trying to make something great, even better, I would highly recommend putting it to work for your business needs"
- Gabe Rocco
Director of Business Development

Mid-Michigan Health
Flagship Hospital 

Achieving magnet status as an overall healthcare system by enabling decision makers at the lowest level possible. 
"Empowering our leaders with 5 Paragraph Business Plan helps us better serve Michigan communities."

- Tammy Terrell
Chief Nursing Officer



Publisher, Speaker, Leadership Author

"Exceptional book written by someone who has been there and done that! Uses a simple methodology to construct what most entrepreneurs find difficult and simply overlook it because they feel it is too overwhelming. Highly Recommend this book for anyone planning to go into business for themselves or planning to expand their business."
- Mark Gerecht 
U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major (ret.)

North Carolina State University

"Business planning revolution!
I've been an entrepreneur in the agricultural industry for 8 years and this is the business planning/modeling system I've been waiting for. I teach it to veterans and aspiring farmers as a no nonsense method for planning business and production models in a quick and to-the-point manner.

This is the future of business plans no doubt. Great job Michael!"

- Robert Elliot
Marine Veteran / Agriculture Instructor  

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

"As an operational Project Manager for a large state agency, this effort by Mr. Penney will quickly become the ‘Gold Standard’ concerning planning and managing projects within my organization. It is filled full of relevant information that is applicable to any industry. Its content demonstrates and gives solid examples of how to take tasks, regardless of size or complexity, and systematically decompose them through a detailed planning process."

- David Hamilton 
Academy Training Developer 

Texas Middle School

"As a civilian and Patriot, I began listening to Penney's podcast for the 'Sea Stories' and was amazed at how equally entertained and intrigued by the business aspect of his post-service life. I was completely immersed in the idea of the 5 paragraph format, but the plan didn't directly apply to my career as a middle school first. After listening to the tutorials and reading the template, I was able to modify the amazing 5 paragraph business plan so that it was applicable to daily activities in my classroom. The format is extremely easy to follow and adapt to any aspect of your life that you are looking to make the most out of, based on your passions and desires. Hands down beneficial for everyone!!"
- Ray O.

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