Mission: 5 Paragraph Business Plan pg. 20-21

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MISSION || pg. 20-21 in the book.

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Mission Statement

We will do _____________ in order to accomplish _______________.


How to create a mission statement with directives

Mission; company, concept, goods/products/services

  • the company and concept
  • the product and or service
  • entry and growth strategy

Who you are helping; basic customer profile [soccer moms, veterans, elderly]

- Unit/Uniform of the situation paragraph, "SALUTE" report, we discuss how to create a male/female persona for your ideal customer.

What you are doing to help; good, product, service

- Describe your solution for solving the problem of your ideal customer

Where customers purchase

- You've studied the customer's habits to find the best location to engage them

When to engage the customer

- Best time to engage the customers & timeline for events based on priority

Why are you doing this? 

- show us the passion


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