ROI: Return On Investment

Please allow me this opportunity to introduce you to a new member of our 5P team, Maija.

Maija is an American college student working to become a small unit leader. She has a keen interest in being the reliable "go-getter" that other leaders may call upon to carry out missions.

Maija uses 5 Paragraph Business Plan to accomplish her missions, because Maija understands it doesn't require a college degree to learn how to create a plan, present it, and supervise; it requires the leader's individual motivation necessary to carry out action.  

5 Paragraph Business Plan is for leaders. Are you a leader?

Presenting a clear concise plan does not require having a college degree. We offer a simple tool for planning and executing daily business operations using the military style planning process taught to enlisted military. 
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ROI: Return On Invesment = Investment Revenue-investment cost / investment cost
Find more definitions and formulas inside 5 Paragraph Business Plan. 5P is a reference workbook that enables individuals to plan and execute missions of any size. 
Our goal is to empower you and your leaders with a simple tool for managing your daily operations with military precision. 5 Paragraph Business Plan is based on our military operations order process. From executive leaders to boots on the ground, everyone is on the same page with 5 Paragraph Business Plan. 
When you start your business plan with 5P it requires you to think big picture and zoom into the details, the same way military leaders plan for action on the battlefield. 
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