The Unforeseeable

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Last time I shared the tragic scene, which took place in Ramadi, Iraq January 2006.

Back home, "Stars And Stripes" reported..

"RAMADI, Iraq — A U.S. soldier and a Marine were among the dead Thursday after a suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest at a crowded police recruiting drive here, killing at least 27 recruits and injuring 30 others, according to the commander of the U.S. Army’s 2-28 Brigade Combat Team.", while "The Associated Press reported 56 people had been killed and 60 injured, based on numbers provided by a doctor at Ramadi General Hospital."

What does one do in such horrific circumstances? ...Improvise.

We had planned to do a mission to the farthest reaches of the city, which required us to load up our trucks for bear; including adding stretchers for the wounded. When we reached the scene at the Ramadi Glass Factory, where the explosion had erupted from, we evacuated wounded while holding the enemy at bay by coordinating with air assets.

The entire scene played out in 45 minutes. Lives were lost. However many more could have perished without the quick thinking of our leaders.

The greatest challenges facing a leader are those unforeseeable events that have never been planned for. The greatest leaders plan optimistically for the future while working with their team to prepare for the next bad day.

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