Two Known Working Wheels

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Two known working wheels. Two fully functional systems that operate very well, entirely separate from one another. You bring those two things together, they could spark, chafe, or all together blow up. Size, shape, fit and function must be complementary to one another’s if they are to work in unison.

That’s what we’ve done here. We’ve taken the military operations order and the “Nuts And Bolts of Great Business Plans” and combined them together with proven business practices in order to create a simple tool for leaders to use at every level.

This isn’t the first time someone has broached the idea of bringing two known working models together into one form. It’s an age-old strategy. It’s literally how we’ve evolved and progressed throughout time. Every new innovation has been spurned off from two original notions; even the “pet rock”. Which is a primitive thing mixed with brilliant marketing to produce what, some still can’t believe, was an amazing seller.

Working off of others innovations to create new innovations is NOT stealing. The provocative term”stealing” has been used to describe really great entrepreneurs. That is not to infer entrepreneurs are thieves, rather to enhance in an alluring way the age-old saying, “don’t reinvent the wheel”.  Their telling has the additional, “don’t reinvent the wheel, steal a working one”.  Take a working wheel and evolve off of it. Or, “take two known working wheels and bring them together”.

Building off what others have achieved, that is the essence of constructing something new.

There will be others that will say, “no I’m going off and doing things my own way, completely from scratch”. Their struggle is valuable. However they will eventually come to the realization that if they are to integrate their “something new” into anything else, it must have an overlapping function.

Which brings us to the origins of 5 Paragraph. Don’t reinvent the business plan - evolve it.

Plenty of business plans share many of the same parts. We have used the same business terminology and plugged in the same financial jargon. Ours is built with a strikingly different quality to it, the 5 Paragraph Business Plan is based on the human ability to solve daunting problems even in the face of life threatening danger- the military operations order.

Ever wonder how a group of 18 year olds with a 22 year old patrol leader can safely and effectively locate, close with, and destroy the enemy -- they are all empowered with an immense amount of responsibility.

When your team is challenged, will they rise to the occasion or will they be found wanting?


5 Paragraph Business Plan - EMPOWER YOUR LEADERS

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