Used In Combat For Over 240 Years, The Operations Order Helped Secure America’s Independence

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How does one start a plan? How does one carry out the action? How does one learn from mistakes and misfortunes along the way?

Throughout the military, commanders must plan for large scale events. The majority of the military, over 90%, have support roles. They do not all get in on the fight. However, every part of the military uses a similar planning structure to carry out their mission; the military operations order. The military operations order is used to plan & execute large scale events.

Commanders work with the leaders they delegate to and together they begin to construct the plan and arrange for reconnaissance of the area in which they’ll be working. After making recon the commander completes the plan then issues the orders to all troops, and supervises as their subordinate leaders carry out the plan.

Commanders can do one thing at any given time, they can lead for the people in their charge or they can lead for the people who are in superior command, however they may not do both at the same time.

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In September, 2005, I was deployed to Ramadi, Iraq with 3/7 weapons company. As a Private First Class, I didn’t know what to expect. The only thing I new for sure was I needed to prepare for my job, and learn the jobs of my whole team, in case anything happened.

Within the first week of combat a sniper’s bullet missed my head by 6 inches, my truck team was blown up, and I lost a friend to a mortar explosion.

How can one prepare for such crazy events, let alone triumph under such terrible adversity?

In this series, I will be sharing my experiences of working in combat, and how I used a simple military management method (we all learned) to defeat the enemy.

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