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"12 Business Development Books Every Business Leader Should Read"

You'll find "5 Paragraph Business Plan" alongside notables "4 Hour Work Week", "Good To Great", and "Traction" on this most recent list out of Fupping. We work hard to deliver a simple tool for tackling big problems. 5 Paragraph is the simplest, most effective, business plan example for business development professionals.

"5 Paragraph Business Plan The Action Oriented Business Management Tool For Leaders" makes quick work of organizing your plan and taking action. Based on the military planning method used by United States armed forces, the 5 Paragraph Business Plan makes planning simple. Each 5 Paragraph plan is a mission briefing with the intention of coordinating and mobilizing a team. 

Have you ever wondered how military personnel on the ground carry out the mission on a daily basis? Each mission is planned using this simple 5 Paragraph method. Remember this method of coordination is taught throughout the lowest ranks of the U.S. Military so General level officers can disseminate orders in a simple way. We have brought it to business as a business plan template, and now workbook. 

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We've gone even further to make sure you are able to confidently carry out missions.

Each section of "5 Paragraph Business Plan" corresponds with our  audio 5 Paragraph tutorial episodes. Simply follow along in the text and fill in the given sections to complete your plan.

"5 Paragraph Business Plan" so easy it's being taught in middle school classrooms.

"5 Paragraph Business Plan" is so powerful it's being used across all of these organizations. 


Your vision is what determines the power of "5 Paragraph Business Plan". It's based on how big of a problem you're willing to take on, and how awesome of a vision you are willing to commit yourself to. 

At it's core "5 Paragraph Business Plan" is a leadership empowering tool. Every level of your organization can benefit from learning the 5 Paragraph method for attacking business.  

Get the "5 Paragraph Business Plan".

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