What The Hell Is A Pilcrow?

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The pilcrow signifies an indentation before the text of a new paragraph. Used through the middle ages, the pilcrow was meant to identify where one stream of thought ended and another began. We use the pilcrow in today’s modern computing age when marking up papers for suggested edits. The pilcrow is mainly used in the editing process nowadays. Editors breaking up thoughts will markup a hard copy with a picrow to signify the need to separate two ideas.

We’ve chosen the reversed pilcrow as part of our 5P logo. Each paragraph is a significant portion of the greater plan. However, each paragraph is a separate thought leading into the other. 5 Paragraph Business Plans are written as an intuitive story for how you’re going to accomplish a mission. From the situation paragraph onward, each portion builds off the previous to combine into a clear vision for others to understand.

Bear in mind, the 5 Paragraph Business Plan is meant to be given orally. At it’s core 5P is a military operations order. A briefing for carrying out a mission. What’s amazing is how many different professionals, in vastly different industries, have used 5 Paragraph Business Plan with huge success. Healthcare, middle school students, franchises, insurance providers, Dept. of rehabilitation and corrections, financial advisors, elementary school teachers, farmers, and many more.

The magic is in it’s simplicity. 5 Paragraphs allows you to clearly, and concisely outline your vision then immediately take action. Coordination between organizations is made simple with one vision to work from. Instead of giving long drawn out power points, 5 Paragraph is a narrative for what needs to be done by the delegated leaders who’ve been tasked to do it. Each leader writes their own more detailed plan for executing their portion of the mission.

This method of planning and executing missions has been refined over the past 240+ years in the military. Just think, it only takes five pilcrows to coordinate from the Pentagon to the battlefield. With the right people and the right attitude, you can accomplish anything. 5 Paragraph makes it easy..

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