Why Do You Ride?

mt greylock

"I wonder where Mike is?"
Disconnecting in a hardcore fashion.

Riding, hunting, backpacking, I'm always trying to find hardcore ways to disconnect.

In the military we'd say, "embrace the suck!"

Having spent 8 years and 2 wars as a grunt, I've grown to love the challenging times of hardship, for the same reason some people enjoy extraordinarily difficult workouts.

Riding my bike from Raleigh, NC to my inlaw's up in the Berkshires of MA takes 15 hours. That's time to focus and endure the hardships of long distance travel.

Why do it?  Because it occupies my whole body. All four limbs and five senses are engaged. Problems are solved on the bike. Distracting my mind to find a solution.

Tying up the grey matter to get down into my amphibian brain and.... Poof - solution.

That and the views are so much better when unbridaled on a motorcycle. It's freedom!


stockbridge bowl

 Harley 5 p

-- Let's connect & get together for a ride --


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