Why Veterans Miss War

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(“Sebastian Junger: Why Veterans Miss War,” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pm1bbLMqZE  TEDx Talks Published on May 23, 2014)
Under terrible conditions, the enduring human spirit finds stability in Brotherhood. Warriors bound by a shared experience of hardship bring home valuable insights of team triumph.
But where does one grow after war?
The situations are so grave, in combat, it's easy to feel as though no other scenario will be as fulfilling. The effectiveness one warrior has on the whole team, and the greater mission, is immense. Each individual is relied on, especially in moments of intense fighting.
When returning home from combat, we at 5 Paragraph, asked ourselves how we could "bridge the gap" from combat effectiveness as a team to business leadership. It turns out to be much easier than you would think. The hard part is convincing someone who has never been to combat how effective small unit leadership really is.
In business terms, small unit leaders managing missions while operating with the support of a larger organization is textbook INTRAPRENEURSHIP.
That's why 5 Paragraph Business Plan is setup for leaders inside organizations to use for handling any mission; the same way it has been used in the military for over 240 years.
Use the 5 Paragraph Business Plan for daily work.
Learn more with our Ecourses, built especially for intrapreneurs. Intrapreneurial leaders use the vision and mission of their organization to create an executive summary, then produce a full plan, and learn to gather debriefs/intelligence from the ground level to revise their plan.
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