Writing A Business Plan Sucks

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Truth: writing a business plan can sometimes, but not always, suck. More specifically the act of writing something which may well get crumpled up and thrown away feels like a futile effort.

Here’s the difference with 5 Paragraph Business Plan, our tool is used to create plans for taking action. Business plans are written in EVERY business industry; Truth.

So why not use a tool that helps you organize your thoughts into a clear, concise presentation?

“But Mike I work in a high stress job with over pressuring bosses.” I hear some people say.

5 Paragraph Business Plan is based on the military operations order and combined with proven business practices to create a simple effective tool for business leaders to use while managing stressful situations.

This is the same planning structure we use to go hunt the enemies of our homeland. It’s used to brief the President of the United States of America and command troops in theaters of war around the globe.

Be a leader worth following -

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click here get 5P template


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