WHY use 5Paragraph Business Plan and The Military Management Method For The Modern Workforce

WHY use 5Paragraph

5 Paragraph Business Plan and the greater overall military management method for the modern workforce empowers leaders at every level with a simple, effective method for delegating authority while maintaining accountability.


Here are 20+ reasons WHY YOU NEED 5Paragraph…

5P enables you to uncover new opportunities.

5Paragraph ties together your organization, eliminating silos.

5P empowers leaders to plan through and present material in a clear, concise, format.

5P enables you to reach business milestones by holding everyone accountable.

5Paragraph Planning will help you get funding whether from outside sources or internal agencies.

5P enables leaders to prove that you’re serious about your business venture as an entrepreneur or intrepreneurial leader operating inside of a larger organization.

5P Planning enables you to articulate previously unstated assumptions.

5P enables you to understand and forecast your company’s staffing personnel needs.

5P enables you to you better understand your competition.

5Paragraph enables you to you better understand your customer.

5P enables you to assess the feasibility of your project and/or venture.

5P enables you to document your revenue model.

5P enables you to determine your financial needs.

5P enables you to attract new investors.

5P enables you to reduce the risk of pursuing the wrong opportunity.

5P enables you to research and really know your market.

5P empowers leaders which attracts employees and retains great people.

5P enables leaders to challenge the greater team and hold everyone to a standard.

5P empowers leaders on both technical and management teams.

5Paragraph enables you to plot your course and focus your efforts.

5P enables you to attract partners.

5P enables you to position your brand.

5P enables you to reposition your business to deal with changing conditions.

5Paragraph enables you to document your marketing plan.

5Paragraph empowers you to run your business like a General.

5P enables you to judge the success of your business.

It’s not as hard as you think.

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