Motivation Monday (Volume 1)

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Author: Bennett J Tanton

Edition: 1

ISBN: 1546638784

Number Of Pages: 66

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Details: In the following pages you will find 30 motivational quotes from authors, poets, speakers, athletes, Influential figures from out past, and our present. Each quote had meaning to the authors that wrote them, but we found profound meaning in each of these quotes too. Each page is a quote followed up with our thoughts about what each quote means to us. On the adjacent page we’ve provided you with space to write down what each quote means to you. You will also find a QR Code for each quote. Simply us a Barcode/QR Scanner App on any Smart Phone or device and you will instantly begin to hear that particular episode audio podcast. Use this book as your own personal 30-Day Motivational Workbook! Listen to all of our other amazing shows and episodes on the Change Your POV Podcast Network by going to Bennett Tanton and Eddie Lazzari are both veterans, entrepreneurs, and podcasters. With a combined 30+ years of leadership experience in the military and business. Eddie Lazzari @eddie_lazzari Former US Army Non-Commissioned Officer with 10-years active duty service. Eddie was a Sr. Squad Leader in support of OIF-II from ‘04-’05 in Baghdad Iraq and is now a proud Veteran. Eddie is dedicated to helping veterans become just as successful out of uniform, as they were when they were in! Founder and Co-Host of Change Your POV Podcast Network, Father, Husband, Coach and Mentor. Eddie firmly stands on the belief that Perspective Is The Vantage Point Of Success! Eddie holds an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, is the creator of 7-Day Resume speaker, author, and suffers from “Shiny Object Syndrome”! Bennett Tanton @BennettTanton Former Reconnaissance Marine and US Army Infantryman. Bennett is a graduate of 2014 Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with disabilities (EBV) at Syracuse University. Bennett is the Vice President of Battle Sight Technologies, Co-Founder & President of Warrior Hall Inc, Co-founder & Co-host of Cigars and Sea Stories and the Managing editor of Change Your POV Podcast Network. Bennett also works as a contributor and adviser to a few publications, companies and organizations. Bennett is also Certified Peer Support Specialist. Bennett has dedicated his life to helping veterans navigate the system and aid them in adding value to their communities.

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