Tabea's Story: True Story of Tabea Springer a WW II German Army Nurse in Poland, a Hospital Train in Russia and During the Devestating End of War in Germany

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Author: Betty Iverson

Edition: REV ed.

Number Of Pages: 344

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Release Date: 05-02-2003

Details: TABEA'S STORY is the memoir of a World War II German army nurse. Sent on a secret mission to Poland, she hones her infectious disease nursing skills at a hospital in a fort. Her next assignment on a hospital train based in Konigsberg takes her to the Russian Front many times. She is an eyewitness to battles, casualties and destruction. In poignant scenes, Tabea visits soldiers in the bunkers at the Front and feeds hungry Russian peasant children. A God-fearing woman whose convictions lead her to confront the Nazis, Tabea faces a court martial. She falls in love and her love story is one of tenderness and heartache when her beloved Dr. Beckman is transferred. She is sent back to Germany near the end of the war and converts a hotel into a hospital. There are dramatic scenes when her area is surrendered to the Americans, who feed them and give them much needed penicillin. Tabea is devastated that Germany is divided. When her sector is given to the Russians, chaos and rape replace compassion and kindness. She must decide to go west or stay in the east. She goes west with the Americans and her patients. After the war she is a head nurse at a center for women with venereal diseases, who were infected by soldiers. When a Nazi doctor takes charge, some ampules of penicillin turn up missing. Tabea reports this, and the doctor fires her. Suddenly she finds herself without a job, without her family, without Dr. Beckman and without hope. In an unbelievable encounter, her inspirational story ends on a hopeful note.

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