Judgment, Justice, Dependability, Integrity,

Decisiveness, Tact, Initiative, Enthusiasm, Bearing,

Unselfishness, Courage, Knowledge, Loyalty, Endurance


Assess, train, advise and, assist LEADERS in the implementation of 5Paragraph and the military management method for the modern workforce --- No military experience required.


Develop LEADERS, at every level, operating autonomously with the resources, guidance and, backing from higher leadership.


Breed a culture of accountability in your organization ...

☑ Quickly assess and weed out damaging individuals in key areas

☑ Reduce turnover while eliminating micromanagement and increasing morale

☑ Train 'intrapreneurship' to delegate authority while maintaining control

☑ Eliminate silos & get everyone working together harmoniously

☑ Design, develop, and innovate more effectively

☑ Operational alignment at every level of leadership - Accomplish any mission

Here's what our customers had to say...

Curi - A Medical Mutal

Insurance Company

"5 Paragraph Business Plan is a perfect fit for our needs. Whether you are an entrepreneur who is just getting started or are in management and are trying to make something great, even better, I would highly recommend putting it to work for your business needs"

- Gabe Rocco (Director of Business Development)

Mid-Michigan Health

Flagship Hospital

Achieving magnet status as an overall healthcare system by enabling decision makers at the lowest level possible.

"Empowering our leaders with 5 Paragraph Business Plan helps us better serve Michigan communities."

- Tammy Terrell (Chief Nursing Officer)

Publisher, Speaker, Leadership Author

"Exceptional book written by someone who has been there and done that! Uses a simple methodology to construct what most entrepreneurs find difficult and simply overlook it because they feel it is too overwhelming. Highly Recommend this book for anyone planning to go into business for themselves or planning to expand their business."

- Mark Gerecht (U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major (ret.)

North Carolina State University

"Business planning revolution!

I've been an entrepreneur in the agricultural industry for 8 years and this is the business planning/modeling system I've been waiting for. I teach it to veterans and aspiring farmers as a no nonsense method for planning business and production models in a quick and to-the-point manner.

This is the future of business plans no doubt. Great job Michael!"

- Robert Elliot (Marine Veteran / Agriculture Instructor)

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

"As an operational Project Manager for a large state agency, this effort by Mr. Penney will quickly become the ‘Gold Standard’ concerning planning and managing projects within my organization. It is filled full of relevant information that is applicable to any industry. Its content demonstrates and gives solid examples of how to take tasks, regardless of size or complexity, and systematically decompose them through a detailed planning process."

- David Hamilton (Academy Training Developer)

Texas Middle School

"As a civilian and Patriot, I began listening to Penney's podcast for the 'Sea Stories' and was amazed at how equally entertained and intrigued by the business aspect of his post-service life. I was completely immersed in the idea of the 5 paragraph format, but the plan didn't directly apply to my career as a middle school teacher...at first. After listening to the tutorials and reading the template, I was able to modify the amazing 5 paragraph business plan so that it was applicable to daily activities in my classroom. The format is extremely easy to follow and adapt to any aspect of your life that you are looking to make the most out of, based on your passions and desires. Hands down beneficial for everyone!!"

- Ray O. (Educator)

Michael J. Penney

Chief Advisor

Entertaining, Educating, Empowering Leaders

Michael J. Penney is a proven, battle tested LEADER. Michael is a Combat Veteran of Iraq & Afghanistan. He served in the United States Marine Corps infantry with 3rd Battalion 7th Marines deploying twice to Ramadi, Iraq, in 2005-2006 and 2007. Michael re-enlisted during his second tour and transferred to Quantico to become a weapons instructor. He is certified as a combat marksmanship coach, trainer and instructor trainer. He’s a formal school instructor, school trained designated marksman, small arms weapons instructor and foreign weapons instructor.

Michael has trained over 50,000+ personnel in a variety of disciplines, from planning and executing operations to preparing training based on lessons learned. He is a master instructor. In 2011 Michael transferred to Camp Pendleton and deployed on a third combat tour, this time with 1st battalion 5th Marines, leading a section of embedded advisors through Kajaki & Sangin Afghanistan. Having served in two wars, over 8 years of service in the Corps, Michael was honorably discharged as a Sergeant.  Now he is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and business LEADER focused on developing an infrastructure and culture of accountability inside growing organizations. In March of 2016 he presented at TEDxRaleigh,  “What’s Your IED: How to Add Value During Life's Explosive Situations”, combining military and personal experiences in an effort to bridge the lives of veterans and civilians. This one talk has cultivated many wonderful relationships between veterans and business leaders.

Michael created the "Wear It Right" Marine Corps uniforms guide [https://www.mentormilitary.com/usmc-uniform-bundle-p/mtr-usmc-uniform-bundle.htm]. Making life easier for Marines and Sailors still in military service. He continues to work with fellow veterans and patriots to support our military service members.

Michael is the founder and Chief Advisor at 5Paragraph.com [https://5paragraph.com/], working with business leaders around the globe, calling upon his military and entrepreneurial experiences to assess, train, advise, and assist businesses in the implementation of the 5P Military Management Method For The Modern Workforce. [https://5paragraph.com/] Empowering leaders with an action oriented business management tool focused on business creation, growth, and long-term sustainability.

At heart, Michael is a writer and presenter. His creative "50 Word Short Stories"  [http://50.50wordshortstories.com] the soul. They were written for you, the free thinker and wondering spirit. You laugh hard, love hard, and keep fighting. Michael is available for interviews, keynotes, workshops, and breakout sessions.

Hire Michael J. Penney to speak with your group about 

- Entrepreneurship / Intrapreneurship Business Leadership - How to breed a culture of accountability

- Great Leadership - Focus On The Nouns: Put the right people, in the right place, with the right things and they will accomplish any mission

Michael's influencers are... Milton Friedman, Peter Drucker, Gifford Pinchot III, Edwards Deming, Thomas Sowell, Douglas Murray, Heather MacDonald, Jordan Peterson, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Publis Syrus, Marcus Aurelius, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Gen. Robert E. Lee, President John F. Kennedy, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, John Locke, Edmund Burke, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Ernest Hemingway, William Ernest Henley, Ronald Reagan, Gen. Smedley Butler, Sgt. Maj. Daniel Daly, Gen. Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, Rush Limbaugh, President Donald J. Trump... God.

"The greatest influencers have been my Mom & Dad!" - Michael J. Penney

WATCH - 5Paragraph.com Founder and Chief Advisor

Michael J. Penney Present @ TEDx Raleigh

"What's Your IED?

How To Add VALUE During Life's Explosive Situations"

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